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Lodge Management & Event Organizer

Masonic passport is a Grand Lodge and Lodge management mobile application. It offers event scheduling and payments, ticketing, identification and other tools tailored for large organizations spread out around the world.

What is a Masonic Passport?

Masonic Passport changes and greatly improves the way Masons around the world manage their Grand Lodges and Lodges. It also brings a new dimension to identification when visiting other Lodges. Masonic passport helps to keep you informed about upcoming events and allows to process payments and provide tickets respectively. In today’s times when information technology is an inevitable part of every human being, it’s time to welcome new digital Masonic tools.

Four main features are available in this first edition of International Masonic Passport app:

Personal Masonic digital passport;

List of all events with the possibility of registration for the same;

List of Lodges shown on maps;

SOS emergency channel.

How Lodge Management Works?

Masonic Passport offers a dashboard access to Grand Lodges and Lodges who assign their administrators. Through the dashboard, admins have the following capabilities:

Grand Lodge Admin

Lodge Creation

Grand Lodge admin can create unlimited lodges and assign admins. 

Event Invitation

Admin can create events on Grand Lodge and Lodge level. 

Member Verification

Admin has insight in all lodges member requests and can approve or deny.

Lodge Admin

Event Invitation

Admin can create events on Lodge level for its own members only.

Member Verification

Admin processes its own member requests and can approve or deny.

SOS Requests

Admin can send an SOS emergency request to all the members.

Other Tools


Passport is your identification and verification tool for attending events.


Tool for communicating emergencies to other members willing to help.


Map is a marketing tool for businesses listed by the member for the members.


Wallet contains receipts of all recent event transactions.

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